REDLINEPRO AS was founded in 2021 by Kjetil Lura that has been working with drawing reviews, audits, redline updates for more than 20 years.

Update of existing drawings after changes are often not included in the project deliveries and we will provide services to identify these drawings, perform any necessary redlines, drawing updates and revisions.

If the existing drawings are only available in PDF or in paper hard copies, we will provide service to convert PDF files to Autocad DWG files or to re draw the drawings if needed.

3D Scanning is a technology used to do on site scannings prior to a modification project to analyze objects or surroundings to collect data for shapes and arrangements. This is now used by many like: Engineering companies scanning buildings, landscapes, installations both onshore and offshore.

Police and other investigation groups use it for scanning of a location after an accident or incident to be able to get a better picture of what the cause is.

We also see that this is a great tool for artists that are able to scan an object, building, landscape etc.